IFS helps Holland Company become agile to profit from growth

Before IFS, staff wrote on clip boards and did their production recording after their job at night.
Companies like Holland that both manufacture a product and maintain field service or construction operations face unique business and information technology challenges and have a very limited number of choices for comprehensive enterprise software. For Holland, the solution was IFS, a comprehensive suite of enterprise software that enabled the business to grow. The implementation led to shorter project timelines and increased productivity aiding 10-fold growth over 12 years. Having a single system for all data has allowed Holland Company to provide better customer service and greater workplace safety.


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Since putting in IFS, our company has grown significantly in 12 years. IFS hasn’t been solely responsible for that growth, but it has been the infrastructure that we have used to build that growth on. It’s certainly been a good partnership.

Jim Tieri

Vice President of Information Services, Holland Company

About Holland Company

The world leader in flash-butt welding in rail-road applications, they also build rail equipment, track testing, cleans and repairs and more.

  • Shorter project timelines and increased productivity aiding 10-fold growth over 12 years
  • Single system for all data; no duplication or manual entry
  • Easy integration of mobile devices with the enterprise
  • Greater workplace safety
  • Better customer service in the form of real-time information
  • Implemented on time and under budget

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