IFS Excalibur

Battle-tested accounting software for upstream oil and gas professionals.

IFS Excalibur has an undisputed track record as a battle-tested and leading accounting software that addresses critical business requirements and workflows for oil and gas accountants.

Full management of financial performance

IFS Excalibur eliminates disparate systems and uses one robust platform to manage all core areas of accounting: financial & revenue accounting, authorization for expenditure, joint interest billing, treasury management, division of interest, asset management, land and lease management, and more.

Automated accounting practices

IFS Excalibur replaces spreadsheets and manual processes with best-in-class software that automates time-consuming accounting practices. This enables staff to be more efficient and allows for the faster exchange of data and information between departments.

Quick time to value

Configurable software that can be implemented quickly means a short time to value and a faster realization of IFS Excalibur's benefits that include predictable budgeting, integration with most third-party systems, and scalability to support hundreds or tens of thousands of assets.

Oil and gas accounting

From asset management to authorization for expenditures (AFE) and joint interest billing (JIB) to royalty and tax reporting, we have you covered. IFS Excalibur’s oil and gas accounting module can help you get the most value from assets and control your costs. 

Business intelligence and reporting

A winning business intelligence and reporting strategy means getting actionable information to the right people at the right time. Within IFS Excalibur, you’ll find ad hoc query writing capabilities, real-time data access, and IFS Excalibur SQL Connect which replicates your data in a standard relational database for easy reporting.

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