Futureproof construction ERP backbone


This eBook explores how there’s never been a better time for engineering and construction companies to adopt a digital ERP backbone that embraces modern construction methods across the value chain.

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on many engineering and construction companies already struggling with poor profit margins. Plus, external market factors, fragmented and complex dynamics has made change challenging and slow.


Now, new and more effective models of construction, such as modular construction, are emerging to help. How rapidly you can reap the rewards of these methods is limited by your current business system architecture. Yet, as projects grow more complex, integrated lifecycle control has never been more important.

So does your digital ERP backbone allows you to:

  • Start construction faster
  • Deliver project on time, on budget and at high quality
  • Increase revenue and lower costs

Download the eBook to learn more about IFS Cloud for engineering and construction.

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