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The Energy & Utilities Ecosystem

Many organizations rely on IFS software to improve operational efficiencies and deliver exceptional customer service, across projects, assets, field service and customer engagement in energy and utilities.

Energy & Utilities organizations are complex: across power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as water supply and treatment, organizations need to improve operational efficiency and improve their customer’s experience.

But with responsibilities across new investment projects, complex and linear assets, a distributed field workforce, and of course an end customer or consumer at the heart, this can be a real challenge.

IFS offers software capabilities across the breadth of this requirements, while also delivering the functional depth required.

Explore the graphic below to see some example use cases from IFS customers as well as our view on certain challenges and opportunities in this space.

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Planning new investment and managing the operation of your power network and equipment is key to keeping your customers connected, ensuring the safety of your workforce and of local communities, and improving your operating margin.

In 2019, ARC recognized IFS as the fastest growing EAM vendor to the Transmission & Distribution sector globally.

IFS Enterprise Asset Management offers seamless linear asset management.

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We all rely on clean, reliable domestic water supply, and the industrial requirement is huge, but managing and investing in the supply network, the complex treatment plants and the relationship with the consumer are challenging operations under pressure from multiple directions.


Water supply and treatment organizations are looking to software solutions to ensure they can not only meet these challenges but improve efficiency and competitiveness, regulatory compliance and service levels.

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Consumers are increasing expecting the same speed and clarity of service and vendor responsiveness from their utilities providers as they experience with their online shopping, taxi bookings and fast food orders. Learn what steps Energy & Utilities need to take to improve customer experience.

What can energy suppliers and utilities learn from leading tech firms about the customer experience?

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Optimizing the productivity of your field workforce while delivering a great experience for your customers is ever more challenging in today's on-demand economy.

IFS’s world-class real-time scheduling and optimization tool uses AI and advanced algorithms to deliver the optimum schedule no matter how large your workforce or how complex and volatile your service business.

Read how National Grid Smart is using IFS Applications to support the move to smart meters

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Operating a mixed power generation portfolio, or bringing in new business models such as joint ventures or additional products and services brings new challenges. Watch the video below to understand the implications of these initiatives on your maintenance operations, and take away some key tips for success, from two leading industry experts.

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Projects in the utilities industry are complex - with multiple stakeholder divisions from within the utility contributing, often including sub-contractor workforces, as well as regulators and local government agencies. But often those charged with managing complex project lifecycles are often forced to use separate software products to manage different stages of the project - tendering, commercial, estimating, engineering, procurement, manufacturing & fabrication, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning.

Read more about how IFS supports the management of complex project lifecycles with integrated project management software

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Energy companies needed to diversify or they will disappear. Renewable energies are no longer a plan for the future, they are a reality that make up a significant portion of our energy supply today. To compete, power generation companies are diversifying and investing in renewable energy.

But this introduces fresh business management challenges alongside traditional methods of power generation, driving companies to embrace new business models that bring new challenges.

Read how IFS solutions can support companies meet the challenges of diversification

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IFS ERP, EAM and FSM deliver value to our customers across Telecommunications, Energy, Utilities & Resources

A IFS é nomeada líder do Quadrante mágico do Gartner cinco vezes seguidas por sua alta capacidade de execução

Com um número crescente de fornecedores lotando o mercado de software de gerenciamento de serviços, é difícil restringir seu foco. A IFS continua se destacando com sua funcionalidade e capacidade de otimizar até os casos de uso de serviços mais complexos.

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IFS, uma Escolha do Cliente do Gartner Peer Insights para Software de Gerenciamento de Ativos Corporativos

A IFS foi reconhecida como uma fornecedora de primeira linha e distinguida por nossos clientes pelo Gartner Peer Insights com a Escolha do Cliente para Software de Gerenciamento de Ativos Corporativos por meio da plataforma Gartner Peer Insights.

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