Navigate legislation changes with agile manufacturing


In recent years, globalization, the growing distribution of supply chains, new and changing legislation and disruptors such as the pandemic have challenged manufacturers around the world. Agility, diversification, and flexibility are more important than ever before and disruptors such as the sugar tax, and changes in supranational accounting practices have revealed the true fragility of our supply chains. With 93% of manufacturers and supply chain professionals focused on improving supply chain resilience, agile manufacturing is vital. 

Without agile manufacturing, businesses are forced to make compromises. These can result in reduced system utilization, a poor user experience, and ultimately low adoption levels. 
IFS Cloud provides visibility over the complete business, securely from personnel involvement to product tracking, machinery management, manufacturing schedules and more, enabling organizations to keep up with expected industry standards, company policies, and national or supranational regulations. 


For more information on how IFS can improve your organizational agility, download our whitepaper.


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