Cubic Transportation’s outcomes-based service success

Service organizations across the globe are painstakingly aware that the historical break/fix service model is no longer satisfying customers. Rather, customers are demanding outcomes – uptime, peace of mind, and results.
There are companies though, which have tackled this transformation with steely resolve and are leading the charge in delivering what today’s customers want. Cubic Transportation Systems is one such example.

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) produces and markets public transport fare reading and payment systems for the transportation industry around the world. CTS relies on IFS Field Service Management (IFS FSM) which manages work orders, parts and assets to contracts, warranty, invoicing and billing. IFS FSM gives CTS much needed visibility of what’s being done in the field. CTS also uses IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization (IFS PSO), a real-time scheduling and optimization software that uses AI and advanced algorithms to deliver the optimum schedule.


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“PSO is a phenomenally powerful tool that is key to us delivering the outcomes our customers want in the most efficient way possible.”

Mike Gosling

IT Service Platforms Manager at Cubic Transportation Systems

About Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Systems is a global transportation powerhouse, processing more than 24 billion transactions annually. They serve over 450 transport operators worldwide, facilitating over 60% of public transit rides in the US, UK, and Australia.


  • Prioritized customer satisfaction through continuous uptime and results.
  • Efficient work order management.
  • Avoided complacency and regularly assessed performance to identify areas for enhancement.
  • Fostered a culture of innovation within the organization.
  • Provided a framework for measuring progress and ensuring alignment with customer needs.

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Journey to outcomes

Since CTS started its journey to delivering outcomes, and with its focus on mindset, metrics, change management, utilizing technology, and continual improvement, the company has improved uptime by 20 percent. Delivering outcomes is the future of field service and it’s inspiring to see a company that has successfully tackled such a major transformation.

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