Supply Chain Disruptions

Navigating volatility in turbulent times

Balancing resiliency and efficiency is important and having the right supply chain management (SCM) software can play a vital role in enabling both

Supply chain disruption is here to stay

With world events combining to form a perpetual storm of disruption, it’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’ the next event will impact your supply chain―directly or indirectly.

Get both effeciency and resilliency

Organizations are embracing hybrid production models with supporting supply chains provides the right blend of onshoring for resiliency purposes alongside the traditional offshoring as part of lowering cost.

Here’s what customers are saying

Solutions for Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) software in IFS Cloud
    An ideal technology solution to help support the move to hybrid supply chain models, seamlessly connecting your entire ecosystem, no matter whether you are operating locally or globally. In particular, IFS Cloud has some key capabilities that are real difference makers to resiliency and efficiency, specifically across transport, warehouse and sales order management.

  • Industrial manufacturing solutions
    Industrial Manufacturing Solutions are systems geared towards helping industrial manufacturing companies to excel in their activities across the board. This can include as a minimum, reporting, production planning, inventory and assets.

    Having the correct industrial manufacturing solution can help to future proof your business and give you a much needed competitive advantage by streamlining processes such as inventory, supply chain and financial management. It can help with reducing customer wait times and provide real time visibility and operational control.

    IFS provides cutting edge industrial manufacturing solutions to help organizations to improve decision making and enable greater efficiency across their operations, suppliers and customer processes.

  • Process Manufacturing Software
    Process Manufacturing Software can help manufacturing companies run their business more efficiently in areas such as production, operations, inventory, financials and much more.

    It’s imperative for any manufacturing company to have access to good Process Manufacturing Software, especially in today’s economic climate, as it can often make the difference between success and failure.

    IFS offers powerful Process Manufacturing Software that offers insight, real time visibility and anytime, anywhere access via the IFS cloud. This can help manufacturing businesses reduce cost and minimise risk allowing them to focus on what matters most, whether this be expansion into new markets, improving quality control or developing new products.

  • Manufacturing ERP
    Manufacturing ERP Software is very important for any manufacturing organization as it facilitates the management of the many disparate and often complex components and processes that make up the composition of any successful business.

    It can help with shop floor control, production and supply chain management, analytics and also financial and sales functions enabling complete visibility of the business processes. ERP Software can be offered in one package allowing manufacturing organizations to then focus on their core business proposition.

    IFS Manufacturing ERP Software supports all manufacturing processes from product development to customer engagement, offering complete end to end product lifecycle support leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

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