Accelerate into the new reality 

Ready to unlock the value of the investment you've already made in IFS Applications?

Modernize your technology with IFS to meet business needs in an ever changing world and create value for your business transformation.


It’s time to modernize your technology

Without modern technology, it is nearly impossible to maintain relevance – as your innovation slows, reputation is at risk. IFS provides you with everything you need to evolve on your journey.

As companies needs are evolving, they are migrating to IFS Cloud to deliver greater value across the business. Migrate at your own pace, unlock the value of your existing investment and gain access to continuous software innovations and improved experiences, for your people and organization. 

Achieve fast time to value with IFS Cloud

Enabling you to migrate your applications to protect and empower your organization. Elevating your business with an evergreen approach―so you can evolve with confidence.

  • Freeing internal resources to focus on what’s important.
  • Enabling innovation for competitive advantage.
  • Mitigating business and security risks.
  • Reducing technical debt to drive tangible results.


Plan your journey to a world of engaging experiences. 

Choose a solution that encompasses the modern technology that previous IFS Applications versions were lacking & has the innovation to build your business resilience, relieving you of the stress and risks created by being on restricted support.

As the pace of change is accelerating and the need for operational resiliency has never been greater. Modern technology underpins sustainable performance . Running legacy systems creates technology drift, preventing agility, slowing innovation, and creating compliance risks. 

Adapting to the rapid evolution of technology

In today’s digital world, your customers’ needs and wants are ever-changing. To remain competitive, you must embrace a new way of investing in and using technology to delight customers continuously and avoid the cost and risk of technical debt. 



Driving continuous and transformational improvement

It’s more important than ever to modernize your technology, to continue to drive innovation and deliver value to your business. Hear how the value of evergreen is empowering users to ensure continuous improvement becomes a reality so that your technology delivers tangible business benefits.


Do you have a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC)?

You can buy IFS Cloud via the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft will contribute 100% of qualifying IFS software license and Cloud purchases towards your Azure Consumption Commitment. You can also include in the purchase a % of the software license’s value towards IFS Success.

Ready to accelerate your modernization?  

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