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Power your dreams at IFS

It’s not a coincidence that many of our employees have been with us for more than a decade. At IFS, we believe in providing people with the opportunity to choose their own development path—giving each individual the power to expand their knowledge and realize their goals.

As any fast-growing, successful business, IFS is constantly looking to hire new talent. We offer a global work environment where collaboration, trust, and agility form the basis for all endeavors. The fact that we live and breathe customer value with our Moment of Service is evident in our extraordinary financial results, our market-beating growth rate, our commitment to sustainability and our above-average customer retention. To keep up our forward momentum, we need professional superstars who can turn ideas into reality and who are not afraid to question received wisdoms and ways of working. We have something really special here at IFS. But don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself!

Kate Bishop, IFS CHRO


The IFS culture

Our company culture and ways of working are key differentiators for us and a big part of what distinguishes us from our competitors. Trust, Collaboration, and Agility are the cornerstones of how we operate and interact with customers, partners, and coworkers. We strive to give our customers a business solution that perfectly matches their current needs and can flex to cover all eventualities in the future. To achieve that, we go the extra mile in terms of service, availability and commitment. That’s why #WeAreChallengers.


The IFS Foundation – breaking the poverty cycle

As a company, we think it’s right to give something back to the communities where we operate, which is why IFS has maintained a long-term commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The centerpiece of our CSR initiatives is the IFS Foundation, which is a charitable trust set up to help break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka. IFS is investing in a series of projects in partnership with local communities in remote and rural areas to renovate schools and hospitals, improve access to fresh water, and create employment opportunities.


“The spirit of IFS combines collaboration, innovation and, most importantly, fun”

“As business systems analyst attached to the IFS Global Support Operations, I focus on manufacturing, engineering and project management. My primary responsibility is to liaise with customers to ensure IFS provides solutions that create true business value and operational excellence. What attracted me to IFS was its collaborative spirit across departments, regions, and even continents. Another key consideration was IFS’s non-hierarchical structure, which helps people flourish in their roles and have fun while working.”

Tharindu Fernando, Business Systems Analyst - Sri Lanka


“IFS people really lean in where it matters”

“Using communication as a tool to keep IFS’s Global Customer Organization informed, motivated and engaged, I nurture communication channels to enhance the ability to perform as one united team, especially when interacting with customers and the partner ecosystem. As a champion of IFS’s customer centricity, I develop thought leadership in partnership with the leadership team to drive external and internal communications that cut through the noise. The best things about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to work with talented people all over the world who all lean in and drive one goal.”

Zoe Leach-Leeson, Communications Officer, IFS Global Customer Organization - United Kingdom


“I help make air travel safer”

“In my role as data migration/solution analyst, I make sure IFS’s airline customers’ business data is securely transitioned from legacy systems into IFS Maintenix while ensure all airworthiness requirements are met. My goal is to ensure the success of our clients in tracking all of their maintenance needs and maximizing their business potential. Besides having the world’s best colleagues and customers, the thing I like best about my job is that my work has a direct impact on making air travel safer.”

Taha Zaidi, Senior Data Migration/Solution Analyst - Canada


Diversity and Inclusion

We celebrate that IFS employees have diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds. We believe that everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work and be valued for it. It creates a culture that allows us to develop and expand our thinking. It enables us to achieve better results. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we are more representative of the customers, partners and communities we serve.

Career opportunities

We are always looking for new talent. Check out the overview below to find your next career move!