IDC - Supply chain transformation

Aly Pinder, Program Director, Service Innovation and Connected Products at IDC explains why and how reverse logistics is critical to the customer experience and the service life cycle in the latest ‘IDC Technology Spotlight’ sponsored by IFS.

Discover how efficiently managing reverse logistics while ensuring data flows across the entire service life cycle is integral to success in a competitive market. Integrated and end-to-end set of processes must be established to ensure data flows seamlessly and customer outcomes can be delivered efficiently.

In this report you can learn how the challenges, despite making this effort difficult have highlighted a vision for a future where reverse logistics drives innovation and insights to enhance the customer relationships. These challenges include:

  • Manual processes leading to efficiencies, higher costs, waste, delayed issue resolution, and poor customer experience
  • Increased complexity of reverse logistic networks causing limited visibility
  • The Covid-19 crisis changing customer and buyer behavior
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