IFS Tobin: Brochure

Geospatial data and information solutions

IFS Tobin provides the upstream oil and gas industry with innovative solutions and high-quality geospatial data needed to maintain enterprise datasets, build interactive maps, and leverage business intelligence to make critical business decisions.

Learn how IFS Tobin:

    • Delivers a wide range of geospatial and attribute data  built on an almost 100-year history of information quality focused on providing data our customers can depend on to make well-informed business decisions with confidence
    • Provides users access to data content, analytics, and data integration methodologies through strong partnerships with other industry leaders
    • Furnishes enterprise-wide solutions all teams can access when needed, enabling users across the organization to have a clear vision of their competitive landscape
    • Enables users to gain a competitive advantage by integrating well, fee lease, and pooling unit data to identify potential areas of open acreage or joint venture opportunities
    • Streamlines data ingestion workflows with IFS Tobin REST API allowing users the ability to programmatically access the most current data available as they need it
    • Focuses on embracing new technology, continually improving data quality, expanding coverage areas, improving delivery methodologies, and adding new data



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