Unlocking the value of AI in telecom: eBook

How to build a strong foundation for AI success

In a highly commoditized and competitive industry balancing workforce reductions and increasing connectivity demands, many telco operators are looking to AI to help them optimize internal resources, develop new digital services, and meet ESG goals.

While 87% of tier-1 CSPs have started implementing AI into their network operations, either as proof of concepts or into production, most struggle with mastering the basics of data. With all its promises, communications service providers (CSPs) must start by building a strong foundation to unlock the full value of artificial intelligence.

Enterprise cloud software platforms such as IFS Cloud™ can help you not only build that foundation, but also accelerate your time to value with out-of-the-box, industry-specific use case support.

Download the eBook to learn how:

  • To master the basics of data literacy and harmonization
  • To optimize network capacity and improve service quality with AI
  • Network slicing and mobile edge computing can help you deliver personalized offerings
  • AI can help you prevent asset downtime and optimize field workforce scheduling

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