China Yangtze New Energies

China Yangtze New Energies Sees Ambitious Growth with IFS

Implementing IFS greatly reduced the risk of error, increased visibility, and utilisation of assets. 
China Yangtze New Energies has experienced substantial growth and efficiency improvements through the implementation of IFS. It has allowed for real-time work order requests, leading to immediate rectification by field engineers, streamlining inventory management, and accurately forecasting budgets. IFS has facilitated a streamlined flow of information across departments, enhancing visibility and enabling effective document management. This has reduced internal waste and aligned the company with green practices.


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"The project has been very successful. The team at China Yangtze New Energies are now equipped with all the information they need to make timely decisions that support the maximum utilisation of our assets and output. Furthermore, IFS is the right solution to support our ambitious growth. Later, we will add more functionality from IFS to support our business as we continue to grow."

Wu Guangjun

Vice General Manager at China Yangtze New Energies

About China Yangtze New Energies

Yangtze New Energies Development Co., Ltd, mainly specializes in development of wind power on the eastern coast of China.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Increased utilisation of assets
  • Information in one central repository available in real time
  • Quicker and more informed decision making
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Increased visibility into stock inventory management

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