HEXPOL Engineered Products leave customization behind with IFS

Meeting customer expectations of short lead time from order to shipment is a major challenge when production lead times are long.
The solution is a highly efficient supply chain with complete visibility in every step. With IFS, HEXPOL Engineered Products has a highly streamlined supply chain, optimized inventory, and increased cash flow and return on capital employed.

HEXPOL has been an IFS customer since 2000. The company has grown and evolved alongside the advances made during the upgrade cycles of IFS. The company upgraded as an early adopter of the latest version of IFS in 2017 and whereas the upgrade cycle itself involved 12 months of testing, it enabled the company to work closely with IFS R&D and shape the final product in ways that were not possible before. 


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"In the past we did not have the connection with R&D so it was difficult to ask for new functions, but now there were a lot of functions we could ask for which we now have."

Gabriela Karlsson

Financial Director


HEXPOL is a world-leading polymers group with strong global market positions in advanced polymer compounds (Compounding), gaskets for plate heat exchangers (Gaskets) and wheels made of plastic and rubber materials for forklifts and castor wheel applications (Wheels).

Benefits seen using IFS:
  • Opportunity to shape the product
  • Chance to learn more about new functionality
  • First mover advantage
  • Greater visibility into operations

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HEXPOL Engineered Products runs IFS in its production plants

HEXPOL Engineered Products has two main reasons for retaining the ERP software as the company continues to grow.
One is the user-friendly interface that has enhanced productivity. The other is the multisite functionality. Running just one ERP system with IFS, means that HEXPOL Engineered Products can lower its IT costs, in part because of its thorough knowledge of the solution.

It also uses business intelligence software from IFS to quickly collect data for analysis. This gives HEXPOL Engineered Products good visibility at any given moment into how individual subsidiaries are operating and meeting their KPIs.

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