Synergy Computers LTD

Synergy Computers Limited (SCL) is Pakistan’s premier IT Solutions provider. Based upon relationships built over the past three decades, the company currently boasts of a large and varied client base, comprising mainly of Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Companies, Oil & Gas, Telco, Utilities companies and Govt. / Defense l Institutions.


n order to keep our leading position, SCL maintains a policy of keeping abreast with new developments in the IT arena. Perusing the same objective, we now feel that there is a need for a proper ERP, EAM, EPM, MRO and ESM solutions required for our growing customer base.


Having been in the IT business since 1981, SCL has developed considerable goodwill within its target markets over the years. The company is well recognized countrywide, and enlarge an extensive client base for its various products and services. This client base will be tapped for sale of IFS Solutions. New clients will also be identified for IFS Solutions, through our 5 offices.

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