Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Engineering Firms

A robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates all core business processes into a single system allowing for complete project control.

Engineering companies deliver some of the most complex projects in the world. However often success is determined by the flexibillity of their ERP system. The need for agility and flexibillity is no longer a nice to have, but a must have.

Shape your next breakthrough with futureproof ERP from IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud offers an ERP backbone to provide the industry functionality that every engineering company needs, and it supports modern methods of construction that offer immense value–allowing you to do more with fewer resources.

IFS Cloud for total resource control

For engineering companies, balanced resources are key to delivering a project on time, on budget and at high quality. IFS Cloud provides a platform to ensure you simplify your operations and always remain in complete control.

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  • Why do I need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?
    Engineering projects are inherently complex involving multiple contractors, procurement teams, a sizeable labor force as well as other teams. With projects continuing to become more complex an agile engineering ERP, provides engineering firms with a real-time view of their operations, from project planning and execution to financial management and customer relationship management (CRM).

  • What are the benefits of ERP?
    By enhancing coordination and reducing delays, project execution is efficient, at high quality, and ultimately faster and more profitable. ERP software helps you improve labor productivity, allocate materials, sub contractors and equipment efficiently. Real-time data and analytics enable better decision-making, reducing waste and cost overruns.

  • What is the challenge with traditional best-of-breed ERP solutions?
    The engineering industry needs a whole new modernized platform. Traditional ways of working, and a spreadsheet and a document-driven culture, are simply no longer fit for purpose. Transformative digital technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), robotics, drones, laser scanning, artificial intelligence (AI), modular construction and 3D printing are reshaping the industry.

  • How do you select the right ERP system?
    Choosing an ERP system is not a simple task and a structured evaluation process should take place that will analyze many factors from; core functionality, fit for your organization, industry specificity, price, investment roadmap, and so on. What you are trying to determine is what system will be the central nervous system of your organization and choosing the right one is a big decission, but by following a structured evaluation you can achieve desired results over the short to long term.

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