Human Capital Management in IFS Cloud

Human Capital Management (HCM) in IFS Cloud lets you manage the full employee lifecycle, from hire to retire from one single solution. It provides all the tools needed to support changing policies, working practices and HCM processes from different perspectives and roles throughout the entire local, regional, and global enterprise. Embedded to the IFS ERP solution, HCM in IFS Cloud is a comprehensive toolkit that supports all areas of human resource management: from headcount planning, recruiting, onboarding, career planning, development, and training, to requirements like health & safety, time & attendance, and travel management. 

IFS Cloud’s HCM capabilities support from business managers and line managers – for whom HR output facilitates decision-making and planning – to employees and HR professionals. It provides self-service tools for both managers and employees that improve the overall employee experience.

In this factsheet, explore how HCM in IFS Cloud helps you manage, control and grow your workforce through the entire employee lifecycle ‘from hire to retire’.


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