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Cheer Pack North America addresses the challenges of growth with the agility of and Microsoft Surface

Cheer Pack needed a solution that would generate an optimized production plan, carried out by autonomous vehicles on the shop floor.
Cheer Pack now has an industrial automation solution that uses robotics to transform strategy. is deployed within the vehicles to robotize materials movement. This gives staff the freedom to take on more advanced and skilful tasks, helping reduce Cheer Pack’s labor shortage.

The company anticipates $1.5 million savings per year, thanks to Watch the video to discover more.


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"We expect to save over $1.5 million per year. In addition, every employee affected will be re-tasked to a higher skilled position, greatly helping us with our labor shortage."

Alex Ivkociv

IT Manager

About Cheer Pack

Headquartered in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA, CDF Corporation is a global leader in semi-rigid and flexible liquid packaging for the chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic, food and beverage and industrial markets.

Benefits seen using

  • Complete stock visibility
  • Seamless connection between sales, production and warehouse
  • Real-time production data
  • Centralized management and version control of documents
  • Reduced costs through time savings

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Growth and the associated demands aren’t the only challenge Ivkovic is addressing as Cheer Pack North America continues its expansion.

Ivkovic points to the modular aspect of IFS that enables a business to install precisely what they need, with the ability to add newer functionality as their requirements evolve.
Meeting employee needs for efficient interaction with ERP information wherever in the plant they happen to be, with access to the right information at the right time in real time, is also a key element in Ivkovic’s plans for IFS at Cheer Pack.

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