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Innovating industrial automation with and Microsoft Surface

Transforming Cheer Pack's production with smart robotics
Cheer Pack North America has embraced the future of industrial automation by integrating with Microsoft Surface to enhance its production capabilities.

The deployment of within these vehicles has been pivotal in automating the movement of materials, thereby liberating the workforce to engage in more complex and rewarding tasks.

This strategic shift not only addresses the labor shortage but also empowers employees with opportunities for skill advancement.


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"We expect to save over $1.5 million per year. In addition, every employee affected will be re-tasked to a higher skilled position, greatly helping us with our labor shortage."

Alex Ivkociv

IT Manager

About Cheer Pack

Cheer Pack North America is a leader in flexible liquid packaging solutions. Cheer Pack has manufacturing alliances, serving a diverse customer base spanning six continents.

Benefits seen using

  • Optimized Production: The implementation of has enabled Cheer Pack to generate an optimized production plan, enhancing efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Advanced Robotics: The integration of robotics has transformed the company's strategy, allowing for the robotization of material movement.
  • Skilled Workforce: Employees are now free to engage in more advanced tasks, addressing the labor shortage and elevating the skill level of the workforce
  • Cost Savings: Cheer Pack anticipates an annual saving of $1.5 million, a direct result of the efficiencies gained from

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Discover the future of industrial automation

Cheer Pack's journey with and Microsoft Surface
Dive into the world of advanced industrial automation with our exclusive video showcasing Cheer Pack North America's transformative journey.

By watching the full video, you'll gain valuable insights into the tangible benefits and cost savings that have become a reality for Cheer Pack.

But the journey doesn't end here. Download our detailed asset to delve deeper into the success story and understand how can revolutionize your business operations.

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