The beginning of an Asset Management Journey at London Gatwick

From a passenger’s perspective, airports are the crossroads between new destinations and home. It is a place of excitement and adventure. But also a place of stress.

It is essential that every airport is supported by their assets, which help airliners and passengers to get to their destination as smoothly as possible. This is where an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) comes in. In this case the Ultimo EAM, which has been implemented at London Gatwick.


Assets Type:


“We can now ensure that our assets are created, managed, operated, maintained and replaced to give the best performance.”

Oliver Kane

Project Manager at London Gatwick

About London Gatwick

Gatwick Airport London is one of the most visited airports in the UK. Until recently, it even was the busiest airport with only one runway for departures and arrivals. Even though Gatwick is 27 miles south of London, it has very good transportation facilities, which enable passengers to reach the canter of London quickly and easily.

Ultimo helped London Gatwick to achieve:
  • Update and rationalize data
  • Replacement of old EAM
  • Replacement of old DMS
  • Implementing an asset life cycle

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