Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Realize the power of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that can amplify the power of your Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics Management solution.

In an age of never-ending supply chain disruption such as a lack of guaranteed raw materials and longer lead times, businesses need supply chains that are not only effective, but also help drive competitive advantage.

Bring your shop floor and supply chain together  

Seamlessly connect the requirements of your production line such as raw materials and components back into your supply chain planning and forecasting. Help ensure maximum production capacity to drive margins and customer service levels.

Seamless traceability all the way back to the original supplier  

Integrate your procurement and supplier relationship management capabilities into your supply chain processes. Have complete confidence in the quality of the materials and the credentials of your suppliers throughout your entire organization.

Plan and deliver complex assets projects underpinned by supply chain

Effortlessly connect your supply chain and procurement processes into the planning, construction and on-time delivery of complex assets.

Improve customer service levels

Optimize your supply chain and seamlessly connect with customer orders in real-time, improve delivery turn around times, order fulfillment rates and increase overall customer service levels.


  • IFS Cloud
  • Procurement

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