GEC Corporation

GEC is a boutique management consulting and institutional/business development company based in Tbilisi, Georgia which was established by a team of experienced and proactive professionals with the goal of providing quality, reliable, effective and efficient consulting, advisory, restructuring, capacity development, project management and training services based on a cooperative and integrative approach to organizational improvement, success, and enhanced performance. We serve and assist both small and medium enterprises, as well as large organizations from private and public sectors.

We work in close cooperation with international donor organizations and programs, such as USAID’s (The United States Agency for International Development) and HICD Plus Program implemented by Chemonics International. Also, GEC is a selected Business Service Provider (BSP) for the Restoring Efficiency of Agricultural Production (REAP) Project and also cooperates with Agricultural Projects' Management Agency (APMA). Our company works in close cooperation with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) as well.

Our consultants deliver expertise in different areas of business and institutional strategy and management, performance analysis and improvement, capacity building, ICT management, corporate financial strategy and management, risk management and business continuity, human resource management, education management and corporate training and coaching. GEC focuses on the Eastern European, South Caucasus, and Central Asian regions/markets. GEC also has a wide network of experienced and highly qualified trainers; providing effective training and coaching in different areas.

In 2015, GEC became an IFS Authorized Cahnnel Partner with a geographical scope covering Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. GEC is providing regular sales activities, including presentation of IFS Applications and business requirements analysis. GEC is promoting IFS products during public events such as IT conferences and Expo.

Advisory: GEC provides advisory services in areas such as Risk Management Planning, Organizational Development and HR, IT governance, financial advisory and access to capital, sales growth, brand and product development, as well as performance, knowledge and change management.

Research: GEC, in collaboration with its partners, offers research services in various fields and for different purposes: industrial, marketing, organizational, business start-up, product and service quality, consumer behavior researches, performance and others. Collaborating with GEC is a strong step towards developing a sustainable future.

Development: Development service assumes the establishment of a long-term sustainable partnership with our clients by providing outsourcing of innovative project design and implementation, business development and management. Our team of qualified project managers, field experts, and practitioners help our clients in the development of innovations and implementation of business plans and corporate strategy. Through involvement of our experienced consultants, our clients boost their efficiency and effectiveness and their human and institutional capacity. We support our clients to continuously improve their operations and business processes, and consequently define and deploy complex ICT solutions. Skilled managers back our clients (through Team Shadowing) in the management of product lifecycle, financial flows, service quality, customer service, supply chain and technologies.

Restructuring:We provide a full range of restructuring services and solutions that range from initial organizational diagnosis and performance assessments, implementation of capital structure and financial restructuring to the realization of business process re-engineering, HR system remodeling, operation streamlining and ICT development. Within the restructuring process, we work in very close cooperation with our client organization and implement our services through a predetermined and pre-agreed change management process.

  • Organizational Diagnosis and Performance Assessments
  • Capital structure and Financial Restructuring
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • HR System Remodeling
  • Operation Streamlining
  • ICT Development

Training: Skills-based trainings held by GEC’s experienced local and international trainers are tailored to our clients needs. These trainings lead to immediate increases in organizational performance. Our multifaceted capability and extensive experience are some of the largest advantages GEC can offer its clients.

GEC brings local industry insights and helps customers to meet their expectation and requirement in a best way possible and deliver value to them in cooperation with IFS.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Channel


  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia


  • Asset Intensive
  • Automotive
  • Engineering Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy Utilities and Resources
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service Industries


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • IFS Applications