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Industry-leading land software for upstream oil and gas professionals.

iLandMan is an industry-leading cloud, tract, and formation-based system that automates the entire E&P land life cycle. It provides land professionals accurate net acreage values and real-time visibility into lease positions and often lowers land budgets by up to 30%.

Tract and formation-based land software

The only way to calculate truly accurate net acreage values is with a tract and formation-based lease management system that uses unique identifiers. Contract-based systems aggregate ownership creating inequities and inaccuracies in the value of acreage.

Full management of E&P land life cycle

iLandMan lets you manage the complete land life cycle from title management to lease acquisition to land administration and divestiture. Seamlessly track payment obligations and expiring contracts so you're sure never to lose a lease.

Fully integrated map

Having a fully integrated and interactive map is essential to any company involved with lease aquisition and land management. As data is entered or edited in the field, the map is simultaneously updated. The same reports that can be run from the database can be run directly from the map.

Full text document searching

Search through thousands of land files and leases using an optical character recognition tool embedded in iLandMan that lets you quickly and easily find lease language, provisions, names, and more.

Cloud-based technology

iLandMan securely manages projects in the cloud allowing 24/7 access to data from anywhere in the world. It simultaneously eliminates countless hours of spreadsheet data entry, typing errors, and duplication through a powerful online database and mapping system.

Land management software for renewables

iLandMan facilitates efficient site selection for renewable energy projects, leveraging advanced mapping and data analysis to identify optimal locations for solar, wind, or hydro installations.

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