The power of remote assistance: Fact Sheet


For forward-thinking businesses looking for new ways to delight their customers, minimize downtime, and mitigate costly truck rolls, IFS is here to help. With IFS remote assistance, you’ll have the tools to truly transform the way you deliver service.

From better utilization of precious resources to reduced truck rolls and lower costs, not to mention a vastly improved customer experience, remote assistance delivers real value almost instantaneously. IFS Remote Assistance is a merged reality tool that will have an impressive, immediate impact on your business. 

Download this factsheet to learn:

  • What capabilities set IFS Remote Assistance apart.
  • The ways that remote assistance can save on your bottom line and keep your business running.
  • The speed with which we can have the system up and running for you.

Una licenza IFS assyst di livello aziendale gratuita per un anno

Provate le efficaci funzionalità di gestione dei servizi IT e aziendali che vi aiutano a velocizzare la digitalizzazione dei processi e a snellire i flussi di lavoro in tutta la vostra organizzazione. Semplice, a portata di mano e ora gratuito per un anno intero.

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