IFS.ai in Manufacturing

With IFS.ai, manufacturers can now leverage all their business data and operational data to optimize their operations and make more informed decisions, leading to reduced waste and improved efficiency.

How can IFS.ai help?

Manufacturers are under pressure to refine their processes, reduce downtime, and increase overall efficiency sustainably. Generative AI can help with creating actionable insights into smart manufacturing companies. Powerful algorithms, data analytics and AI will help simulate, optimize, and automate processes, and operations.

Forecasting & Simulation:

Using historical data to find patterns and enable simulation across the entire project life cycle.

  • Automated risk analysis & mitigation.
  • Simulation & evaluation of schedule & resources.
  • Supply chain financial performance prediction.


Take inputs such as goals, constraints, jobs, and resources to optimize outcomes.

  • Balance schedules for costs & service level.
  • Optimize contracts vs resources vs capacity.
  • Optimize inventory for sustainability.

Anomaly Detection:

Automatically identify anomalies through thresholds, business logic and real-time data.

  • Proactive quality control & monitoring.
  • Real-Time - anomaly correction.
  • Predictive Maintenance.


Provide users with the insight they need and recommend corrective actions.

  • Configuration to Improve production quality.
  • Best inventory, production & resource usage.
  • Sourcing & supplier decision support.

Contextual Knowledge:

Analyze large volumes of data to deliver to users in a simple way.

  • Easy assembly instructions & real time guidance.
  • Analyze high value products & customers.
  • Material shortage prediction & management.

Content Generation:

Generate content throughout the project to support predictive budgeting and forecasting.

  • Personalized training materials.
  • Automated MRP proposals & control plans.
  • Consistent dispatch documentation quality.


  • Product & Services Innovation - 38%
  • Cost reduction & Margin gains - 38%
  • Consistent & sustained business growth - 36%  

IFS.ai is Industrial AI:
Organizations can make data the strategic asset they need to build business resilience, mitigate risks, support their sustainability strategy and meet their goals. 


It can be hard to know where to start with AI.

IFS has a proven engagement model that drives results for you & your business.

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