Sustainability through our customers - Enabling transformation

Through technology we can transform and improve entire industries as well as individual lives.

Technology has a critical role in enabling change for the better by facilitating innovation to tackle environmental, social and governance issues, such as driving resource efficiencies to tackle climate change or providing greater visibility across supply chains

ESG Product Strategy

Success in sustainability lies in its seamless integration into business strategy and operations. Our goal is to embed sustainability capability into IFS Cloud. Our product roadmap helps us to engage with customers on their sustainability needs.

ESG and Sustainability Product Development

We promote sustainability throughout our suite of products, focusing on three strategic areas: ESG disclosures, value chain visibility, and efficiency. In particular, prioritizing development of robust data management capabilities required for ESG disclosures.

Supporting the CSRD

IFS Cloud is the ideal solution to help hit your sustainability goals, with a strategic focus on supporting frameworks and standards including the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

IFS Change For Good Awards

The awards look to champion customers leading the way in adopting sustainable initiatives. Not only does this use our voice to advocate for change across industries, but it also helps us to understand customer needs, shaping our product development.

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