BW Offshore

IFS enterprise software provides greater visibility and helps BW Offshore to gain better control of its projects.

The company has better control of its costs and can quickly implement actions should the need arise.
IFS modules in use include global finance, supply chain, projects, maintenance, inventory, human resource management, maintenance (for vessels) and document management.

As well as supporting replications between onshore and offshore vessels, a Global Extension ensures multi-currency capability and compliance for company subsidiaries operating in different regulatory regimes, such as Brazil.

With IFS Applications 8 nearing end-of-life, the attraction of 500+ functional updates, a new user interface, flexible architecture and enhanced role-based configuration capabilities within IFS Applications 10 cemented BW Offshore’s decision to upgrade.


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"We want to stay at the forefront when it comes to IT and digitalization and deploying the latest version of IFS supports that. The new features will streamline our business processes and make us even more efficient."

Fritz Ekløff

Head of IT & Systems at BW Offshore

About BW Offshore

BW Offshore realize the benefits of a global ERP system that can support their on and offshore environments across 13 countries.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Increased visibility
  • Better project control
  • Automated Replication
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Maximized uptime
  • Easier to access and analyze information

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