CSP Computers LTD

CSP was founded in 1997 as an Information Technology Service and outlet company based in Kokkinotrimithia, Nicosia. By 1999 CSP developed into one of the most reliable overall IT solutions service providers in Nicosia. Combining our advanced technological products and knowledge, it was possible for us to review and reengineer our customer’s current IT infrastructure, thus helping them to unlock their potential; in a way “un-tying their hands.” Allowing them to focus on what is truly important; their core business and increasing their profitability.

CSP is an IFS business partner offering IFS Applications and implementation services in Cyprus and Greece. Today, CSP offers a vast range of products and services for all IT Business and home needs. CSP provides the latest innovated technology products and CSP major in building the ideal IT infrastructure for Businesses by offering Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, Security, Web, Software, and Consultancy solutions.

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