IFS supports Habia's process optimization

Habia have decided to upgrade to IFS Cloud to experience an Evergreen solution. Their main drivers for this decision were to decrease upgrade time and lower overall costs.
As a manufacturer, but also solution provider, service is a key factor to Habia’s success. With a platform that shares once source of truth, Habia uses CRM, HCM, supply chain and maintenance modules to support their customers needs.

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In moving to IFS Cloud, one of the major benefits we see for us is being Evergreen.

To us Evergreen is, important because we can see that we can lower the total cost, when we shorten the time for upgrades.

Peter Karlen

Global Systems Owner at Habia

About Habia

Habia manufactures cable and harness solutions for customers in areas such as defense, offshore, nuclear, and telecoms.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • A system that provides one source of truth
  • Evergreen will lower cost and shorten time for upgrades
  • Optimized processes
  • Enhanced customer experiences

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