IFS Streamline Oriflame’s Operations Worldwide

Jon Poledna discusses Oriflame’s long term partnership with IFS

Oriflame have utilized IFS for over 20 years to create a unified global instance with minimal applications. IFS has played a crucial role in digitalizing Oriflame's supply chain, product development, and accounting processes.

With an evergreen IFS Cloud solution, Oriflame can continually leverage the latest features and support their business. IFS is instrumental in product distribution and accounting services across the globe, facilitating integration with other systems and third parties through readily available REST APIs.

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“Oriflame has been using IFS for more than twenty years and during that time, we built a strong relationship with IFS. With IFS, we achieved the vision of, one global instance, with minimum of applications, which can be upgraded easily.”

Jon Poledna

IFS Solution Lead at Oriflame

About Oriflame

Founded in Sweden in 1967, Oriflame are a multi-level marketing company selling beauty and personal care products worldwide.

Benefits seen through using IFS

  • One global instance
  • Digitalization of supply chain, product development and accounting
  • IT cost savings
  • Minimum modifications with an evergreen solution
  • Provide accounting services to over 70 entities globally

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