Purchasing made easy with SRM Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Purchasing, whether it is for a million dollars in production inventory or a case of copy paper, is central to most business processes. IFS Applications includes software that addresses the entire purchasing value chain and integrates it tightly with other vital areas of your business in ways that reduce non-value-added work, provide real-time insights and delivers greater operational agility in your relationships with suppliers.

Discover IFS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) & Procurement™ and elevate your supplier interactions and ERP purchasing procedures. Innovating in your SRM & procurement will help streamline purchasing, manage parts, and quickly adjust to changes in the market. Direct and indirect material are both managed including support for authorizations. Users can use supplier schedules to facilitate forecasts and call-offs in repetitive environments.

  • Streamline high frequency transactions
  • Manage parts by supplier for better decision support
  • Adjust quickly to supply chain threats like changing trade policy

 Bezpłatna licencja IFS assyst na rok

Bezpłatna licencja IFS assyst na rok

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