IFS.ai: Artificial Intelligence for deep organizational impact

An interactive user experience that increases productivity, automates processes, and pulls data and capabilities together

What does IFS.ai do?

The IFS.ai Data Foundation, Orchestration layer and Co-Pilot work dynamically with IFS’s capabilities combining data and AI to work cohesively or separately based on the users’ role

IFS.ai Interactive Experience: Tailored experience on the go

Where your employees interact with IFS technology. Tailored to their roles IFS.ai uses telemetry data to adjust processes and prioritize added value actions. Users are more engaged delivering better results

IFS.ai powers all IFS capabilities

IFS.ai works innately with IFS Cloud, IFS Ultimo, IFS assyst, IFS Poka. Capabilities are enhanced with AI and delivered to the user  to drive deeper and broader business value

IFS.ai Orchestration: Combining Data and AI dynamically

IFS.ai Orchestration toggles components to leverage them individually or together with the data needed to execute a process. IFS.ai orchestration services are delivered based on roles and processes

IFS.ai Data Foundation: Harnessing of all types of data

The Data Foundation ensures the real time availability of data, from company data, to customer data, telemetry data and 3rd party data to allow  IFS.ai to provide relevant insights

IFS.ai Co-Pilot: Your employees’ AI right-hand  

IFS.ai Co-Pilot continuously helps users be more effective, more productive and deliver to a higher quality  using telemetry data and other role relevant data

Why IFS.ai

  • Interactive Experiences - Supercharge the Way People Work

    IFS.ai’s interactive experience will transform the way people interact with software. Intelligent, proactive, and personalized, the combination of the user experience and the IFS.ai copilot will empower users to be more efficient and productive and have a real impact on innovation, customer experience, and business growth.

    These powerful user experiences are designed to be human-centered and to solve the challenges of today's workforce. Employees are bombarded with information, navigation choices, and tasks on different screens IFS.ai delivers experiences and guidance that enhance employee engagement, which is paramount to retaining talent.

    IFS.ai provides a unified and intelligent interface with contextualized assistance, guidance, and insights tailored to a user's specific needs and goals. The software will learn from user behaviors and preferences over time and tailor recommendations accordingly. This means that users always have the information they need and can focus on the tasks that matter most.

    See how IFS interactive experiences will help your organization:

    • Boost productivity: Suggests ways to be more efficient, freeing user time to focus on high-value work.
    • Make better decisions: Provides guidance and insights tailored to user context, behaviors, and preferences.
    • Reduce operational complexities: Unifies and simplifies the user interface, providing a role-specific and engaging experience.
    • Improve business processes: Analyzes telemetry data to identify and improve processes, making them faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors.

  • IFS Data Foundation

    Harnessing the full organizational value of AI requires a strong data foundation. This means access to, and usability of, internal and external data sources made simple and effective. The IFS Data Foundation layer unifies data from across functions and systems. From business data to telemetry and unstructured data, also including application and business logic. Users across the business will see how data and AI services combined support operational as well as tactical and strategic decision-making faster. Insights delivered can help shape, innovation, pricing, and services and product strategies to gain competitive advantage.

    With the IFS.ai Data Foundation, organizations can:

    • Leverage multiple data sources: connect to a wide range of data from internal and third-party sources, including traditional systems, business applications, unstructured data sources, and IoT high-frequency streaming data from physical assets in the field.
    • Apply AI to data through services: a variety of AI-powered services help organizations synthesize their data to predict trends, identify anomalies, and highlight opportunities to automate tasks, optimize processes, and provide interactive user assistance.
    • Improve enterprise-wide processes: improve processes across functional areas, from manufacturing and supply chain to customer service and sales.
    • Increased visibility and insights: IFS Data Foundation provides a unified view of all data across the organization, regardless of source. This gives users a deeper understanding of the business and how to use insights to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

  • IFS.ai Orchestration - Transforming Business Operations through AI services

    IFS.ai Orchestration services deliver a new age in organizational preparedness. Services can combine with the IFS.ai data foundation and IFS.ai user experience. Resource scheduling and optimization, asset performance management and maintenance prediction, as well as anomaly detection all come together to support business, process, and people effectiveness.

    Unlike traditional orchestration approaches, IFS.ai reaches deep, enabling customers to leverage AI capabilities across the organization. Whether it’s planning, manufacturing, finance, or any other function, customers can use IFS.ai to optimize their processes, drive efficiency and productivity, and accelerate decision-making. Each IFS.ai service can be used on its own or in conjunction with a number of other services. For example, simulate a business scenario, plan based on the outcome, optimize the plan for better results, continuously detect anomalies, create actions, and get expert support with execution as needed.

    Services in IFS.ai Orchestration

    Enterprise and Process Simulation – AI-Powered Simulation to Help Enterprises Make Better Decisions

    The enterprise simulation service can be used to simulate business scenarios to expose the possible impact of a new manufacturing process on production costs and quality and on the requirements for line maintenance. IFS.ai Enterprise Simulation enables leaders to accurately model business scenarios and gain insights that will help test and analyze different strategies in a controlled environment.

    Continuous Optimization – Intelligent Optimization of People, Processes, and Schedules.

    IFS.ai Optimization services harness AI to continuously identify opportunities to improve the processes of scheduling, planning, and resource allocation based on a vast number of changing factors and given constraints. IFS.ai Optimization services can reduce the complexity involved in generating optimal schedules and plans to maximize cost-efficiency, assets, and material utilization.

    The value of IFS.ai and IFS Cloud optimization:

    • Reduce scheduling complexity and improve decision-making by handling large volumes of changing factors and constraints.
    • Optimize the use of resources, such as technicians, assets, and parts, to maximize efficiency and productivity.
    • Increase control over manufacturing production schedules and costs to maximize plant throughput.
    • Prioritize asset maintenance tasks, minimize asset downtime, and maximize asset utilization.

    Self-learning AI Anomaly Detection – Proactively Optimize and De-Risk Operations

    IFS.ai self-learning Anomaly Detection service detects and reports unusual behavior across data or processes and allows real-time response to critical anomalies. With intelligent anomaly insights, teams are equipped to proactively and autonomously optimize and de-risk operations with more rigor around compliance and governance. Organizations can better prevent failures, optimize processes, detect financial irregularities, minimize downtime, mitigate risks, and increase workforce productivity.

    Leaders are better informed to explore new monetization opportunities through new product features, new services, and or an optimized pricing strategy.


IFS.AI Supercharging IFS Cloud for your Industry!

Aerospace & Defence

IFS.ai accelerates automation of critical asset processes from failure and repair through to supply chain and mission planning and optimization

Construction & Engineering

Achieve consistent and predictable project costs, drive profitability with better control of outcomes, minimize risk and improve overall site safety

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Predict the health and resilience of your assets in line with future energy load and trends and accurately forecast the cost efficiency of your workforce


Monitor and effect the performance and reliability of your supply chain with dynamic production scheduling and autonomous optimization


Leverage the AI knowledge base to predict, plan and optimize assets and mobile workforce performance and requirements real time


Using internal and external data create insights to anticipate trends and respond to requirements and meet ESG targets and SLAs consistently

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