Predictive service and maintenance technology brief

How Predictive Capabilities Revolutionize Enterprise Operations

With advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and digital twins, predictive service & maintenance capabilities are now ready to be adopted.


In the very near future, instead of only reacting to equipment breakdowns or investing in regularly scheduled but often unnecessary preventative visits, service companies can analyze IoT sensor data to predict maintenance needs based on real-world asset failure rates. Predictive service solutions give business leaders unprecedented operational insight and provide a myriad of ways their organizations can increase the value they deliver to customers. And the more data they collect and analyze, the more intelligent an enterprise can become.

Read the Predictive Service Technology Brief from Futurum Research now to learn:


  • How companies can strike the right balance of preventative, reactive and predictive maintenance models
  • How IoT sensors and data analysis tools work together to detect anomalies, identify equipment defects, and predict asset inefficiencies and failures
  • Best practices for blending predictive maintenance capabilities into existing Field Service Management or Enterprise Asset Management solutions

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