IFS.ai: Artificial Intelligence for deep organizational impact

An interactive user experience that increases productivity, automates processes, and pulls data and capabilities together

What does IFS.ai do?

The IFS.ai Data Foundation, Orchestration layer and Co-Pilot work dynamically with IFS’s capabilities combining data and AI to work cohesively or separately based on the users’ role

IFS.ai Interactive Experience: Tailored experience on the go

Where your employees interact with IFS technology. Tailored to their roles IFS.ai uses telemetry data to adjust processes and prioritize added value actions. Users are more engaged delivering better results

IFS.ai powers all IFS capabilities

IFS.ai works innately with IFS Cloud, IFS Ultimo, IFS assyst, IFS Poka. Capabilities are enhanced with AI and delivered to the user  to drive deeper and broader business value

IFS.ai Orchestration: Combining Data and AI dynamically

IFS.ai Orchestration toggles components to leverage them individually or together with the data needed to execute a process. IFS.ai orchestration services are delivered based on roles and processes

IFS.ai Data Foundation: Harnessing of all types of data

The Data Foundation ensures the real time availability of data, from company data, to customer data, telemetry data and 3rd party data to allow  IFS.ai to provide relevant insights

IFS.ai Co-Pilot: Your employees’ AI right-hand  

IFS.ai Co-Pilot continuously helps users be more effective, more productive and deliver to a higher quality  using telemetry data and other role relevant data

IFS.ai delivers Artificial Intelligence across all IFS capabilities

From interactive user experience to proactively impacting productivity with Co-pilot, IFS.ai harnesses all data and IFS capabilities to supercharge insights.

IFS.AI Supercharging IFS Cloud for your Industry!

Aerospace & Defence

IFS.ai accelerates automation of critical asset processes from failure and repair through to supply chain and mission planning and optimization

Construction & Engineering

Achieve consistent and predictable project costs, drive profitability with better control of outcomes, minimize risk and improve overall site safety

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Predict the health and resilience of your assets in line with future energy load and trends and accurately forecast the cost efficiency of your workforce


Monitor and effect the performance and reliability of your supply chain with dynamic production scheduling and autonomous optimization


Leverage the AI knowledge base to predict, plan and optimize assets and mobile workforce performance and requirements real time


Using internal and external data create insights to anticipate trends and respond to requirements and meet ESG targets and SLAs consistently

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