ProV International is a global IT services organization providing high quality yet cost effective IT solutions through a combination of onsite and offshore models supported by a variety of engagement offerings. ProV is headquartered in Tampa, FL with offices across Africa, Australia, Brazil, Europe, India and the Philippines. ProV has deep expertise in ERP, Field Service Management, Business Intelligence, Testing, and Infrastructure. ProV has a dedicated global IFS practice and our capabilities in IFS Applications include Implementations, Global Rollouts, Upgrades, Reporting, IFS Monitoring and 24/7 IFS Helpdesk. ProV has a proven track record of providing exceptional services to global clients and is renowned for its technical expertise.

ProV delivers vertical industry expertise to specific customers in Banking and Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Mining, Retail, Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Communications & Media, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare and High Technology.

Products & Services

ProV along with IFS's solutions provides one complete solution for global businesses that manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets and manage service-focused operations. It is a leading enterprise software solution that, with its compelling user experience, enables you to define and deliver on your next chapter, whatever that may be. Unlike competitive offerings that are too often generic, IFS Applications provides industry-specific functionality that enables you to create a competitive advantage.

The world of business and information technology is constantly changing. It is vital for companies to update their software to stay competitive. ProV specializes in helping clients implement and configure and customize IFS ERP and FSM applications. IFS continues to evolve and new versions of the software are constantly being released. To stay current and take advantage of new functionality, companies must invest in upgrades. If your company requires new functionality that isn’t available or your current IFS system no longer supports the business, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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Need help maintaining your instance of IFS Applications, IFS Field Service Management or IFS Customer Engagement? As an IFS customer, you can now increase flexibility and gain greater control over the software life cycle, completely managed by us. Stop money from walking out the door, our IFS managed services will ensure your solutions are fully maintained, updated and monitored daily. Leverage our 24/7 help desk, get access to our skilled staff, capital, hardware and networking infrastructure. We will monitor your databases, web services, infrastructure and provide detailed reporting. ProV provides end-to-end support for your global operations.

If you've recently implemented IFS Applications, IFS Field Service Management or IFS Customer Engagement, or customized your IFS solution, you may need IFS testing services to support your rollout. IFS Testing services will help detect any defects early on, resulting in a reduction of cost related to post production issues. It also increases effectiveness and efficiency of the application and reduces maintenance efforts by 50-60%. ProV is here to help support your internal project efforts through the testing process.

Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management software covers the entire, end-to-end service lifecycle. Recent enhancements and embedded IoT capabilities make it a best-in-class solution that offers the most complete, connected field service on the market. We help organizations like yours to maximize operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning

If your business is running more than a single enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package, you need to consolidate down to one. IFS Applications includes all of the functionality you would expect from a tier one ERP software suite, plus powerful embedded functionality that extends the application into other crucial areas of your business.

Enterprise Asset Management

As part of a complete enterprise suite or as a standalone EAM solution, IFS Applications offers you the freedom to implement as much supporting functionality as you need to meet your asset management and other organizational requirements. Sure, you can extend your EAM solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management and more.


  • シルバー

Type of Partner:

  • サービス・パートナー
  • 販売パートナー
  • Referral


  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


  • 航空・防衛産業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業
  • 石油&天然ガス産業
  • 保守・サービス事業者
  • Manufacturing
  • 建設&エンジニアリング工事請負業


  • EAM(企業設備資産管理)
  • ESM(企業サービス管理)
  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)
  • CRM(顧客情報管理)
  • SCM(サプライチェーン管理)
  • IFS Applications
  • FSM(フィールドサービス管理)