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Doppelmayr’s digitization journey supported by IFS

15 years strong: A genuine partnership continues to generate mutual value
Doppelmayr's expertise spans designing, building, and maintaining exceptionally safe and high-performance ropeways for passengers and goods, including urban cable cars like London's IFS Cloud Cable Car. They utilize IFS’ for sales, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of ropeways, making it their central data hub. The software's real-time visibility through configurable dashboards aids their day-to-day operations and project management, handling about 150 projects yearly.


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“Building ropeways is a complicated and complex process. Over the last 15 years, IFS has become the digital backbone behind all our business processes worldwide.”

Andreas Huber

Head of Digitization & IT, Doppelmayr

About Doppelmayr

Operating with subsidiaries in 50 countries worldwide, Doppelmayr employs around 3,400 staff and has completed over 15,400 ropeway installations across 96 countries.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Multi-site, multi-country information held in a single system
  • Real-time visibility of all business processes, projects and performance
  • Scalability and flexibility to manage business growth

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Doppelmayr & IFS: Pioneering Ropeway Excellence Worldwide

IFS and Doppelmayr’s collaboration for superior customer service and safety
Discover how Doppelmayr’s reliance on IFS as the core business platform shapes a partnership founded on customer-centric innovation. The system is a single source of truth for all their data, with IFS project management supporting over 150 projects a year. The IFS Cloud Cable Car in London represents the cooperation between Doppelmayr and IFS and their long standing partnership.

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