Take to the cloud with IFS

IFS Cloud is the software behind the construction, operation and maintenance of the IFS Cloud Cable Car. Our customer, Doppelmayr, helps fly thousands of Londoners over the River Thames each week.


Designing, building and maintaining assets like the cable car, takes thousands of people and processes so customers can enjoy their journey in the cloud. IFS cloud software helps companies deliver their best when it matters most to you, in the Moment of Service™️

Explore in the cloud

Discover how our customers are powering the IFS Cloud Cable Car and are delivering their own moments of service, in this blog by Oliver Pilgerstorfer, CMO at IFS.


We use IFS FSM and PSO. The business has grown and they’ve been configurable and flexible. We look forward to moving with them into the cloud.

Mike Gosling

Service Platforms Manager, Cubic Transportation Systems


IFS Cloud in action

See a hands-on demo of what IFS can do for your business and discover how IFS Cloud helps deliver when it matters most: at your Moment of Service

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