Big Consulting

BIG is comprised of high level business and technical experts, whose expertise sets range from Project Management, Business Analysts, and ERP functional consultants, to Software and IT consultants and business strategists, who have had hands on operational experience, delivering small, large and complex IT, ERP Projects and business improvements.

BIG is comprised of analytical, business and technical experts experienced in delivering high level design through to detailed process integration. Offering expertise in Project Management, Business Analysts and ERP Functional consultants, as well as I.T. Consultants that have a wealth of experience to design, develop and deliver Software Solutions in line with Business Strategies and clients’ goals.

All BIG consultants have operational experience nationally and internationally in delivering both small and large IT and ERP projects.

Our Project Managers and Consultants are specialists within their field and service in which they operate, providing you with the assurance the project and organisational objectives are met effectively and efficiently delivered to the highest of standards with honesty and integrity.

The Big approach

At BIG, the team is focused on providing the most effective and efficient services on the market. We collaborate with our customers to develop custom fit solutions which are efficient, cost effective, and sustainable to meet your business requirements for the long term.

Our organisation is committed to delivering the optimal, cost effective and sustainable model for enterprise business solutions, one that takes a holistic, integrated approach to ensure perpetual enterprise asset health.


Business / Functional and Technical Consulting

We take a structured approach to assisting our customers in solving issues and how best to optimise their ERP software and business solutions.

Our broad range of consulting services includes:

  • Business Consulting
    -  End to end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations and upgrades
    -  Business re-engineering / business transformation
    -  Asset Management consulting
    -  Supply Chain consulting
    -  Financial consulting (Financial framework, cost Control, Standardisation)
    -  HR Payroll Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
    -  Custom Software Development
    -  Business Systems Integration utilise a host of different technologies including
       - .NET
       - SQL Server
       - Oracle
       - Web
       - Windows Mobile
       - Ellipse
       - SAP
    -  End to End Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementations
    -  Infrastructure services

Project Management

BIG Consulting’s ability to listen and communicate effectively at all levels allows us to understand our clients’ business goals, requirements and to provide reliable, seamless and cost effective project delivery services.

We draw on our diverse industry experience and best practice methodologies to assist with end-to-end project delivery, from initiation to implementation to post implementation services to ensure ongoing efficiencies and return on investment.

Our Project Management assistance services include:

  • Project Initiation
    -  Risk management and Compliance
    -  Quality Assurance 
  • Project Delivery
    -  End to end ERP system implementations
    -  Health Checks
    -  Testing
    -  Managing Project Performance
    -  Post Implementation Review

BIG's mission is to establish ourselves with a respected reputation as Project Managers and Consultants based on our performance in cost effective management, quality and delivery of projects for a broad range of clients. 

The Management and Project Team work in close collaboration to provide clients with high quality outcomes and exacting personalised service. Our capability and our liaison skills with related approval authorities ensure our clients obtain the best and most effective IT solutions and business improvements for a wide variety of green and brown ERP/EAM IT implementation projects.

Business/ Functional Consulting

Finance, Supply/Logistics, HR, Security and Maintenance

Technical Consulting

Systems Integration, Software Development, Business IT Strategy, Business Analysis, Systems Engineering, Systems Architecture and Database Design and Administration

Project Management

Project Initiation - Risk Management and Compliance, Quality Assurance

Project Delivery - End to End ERP System Implementation, Health Checks, Project Performance, Test Management, Post Implementation Reviews

Our Joint Value Proposition (JVP) is our knowledge in all ERP; EAM streams from a business viewpoint in helping companies reduce the cost without impacting benefit levels in the Australian market place. 

Our success is our ability to learn, listen and understand our clients’ business goals. 

Key to this is our principle rule to communicate with all stakeholders, even when completing engagements from geographically disconnected locations. 

We’ll match you with one of our team experts who examine your operational and business processes from end-to-end and present a plan and map out your entire business requirements improvement strategy.

Every enterprise has its own unique operating pressures, market cycles, core skills, sustainment and funding requirements. Our JVP philosophy is a proven framework that will help you to:

  • Obtain fresh insights for a ‘future focus’ of the business you own, manage or operate
  • Clearly see the challenges that must be managed to adapt to new opportunities
  • Empower your people with skills and tools to prioritise improvement and motivate by measuring success
  • Creatively respond to existing and new client needs for less waste and higher value

At the core of any client’s operational and business improvement is assessing, altering and monitoring changes to the business’ core applications. Our JVP will recommend and implement change, ensuring full business acceptance and ability to be successful.

Type of Partner:

  • Referral
  • サービス・パートナー


  • Australia


  • 航空・防衛産業
  • 資産集約型産業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業
  • 石油&天然ガス産業
  • 保守・サービス事業者


  • EAM(企業設備資産管理)
  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)