We are an IT consulting company established in 1971 in southwest Germany advising small to medium-sized enterprises on their software selection.

Our focuses are process consulting, ERP systems and ECM/DMS solutions.

ZWF also offers a wide range of solutions and services to simplify and automate exporting and customs processes. These include declaring and controlling exports, sanction list screenings and preference calculation.

ZWF consists of 7 IT service providers located at 6 locations in Germany, but also internationally oriented customers are well supported by our team. The 140 employees are creating a turnover of more than 20 million Euro per year.

Customs Intelligence 4.0

  • ERP Integration
  • Shipping & Export - declaring exports and managing shipments
  • Preference calculation - automated. Including management of suppliers declarations
  • Export control
  • Sanction list screening


Benefiting from the partnership between IFS and ZWF, the ERP customers can simplify their foreign trade processes while simultaneously improving their security with the ZWF customs intelligence solutions.

This leads to verifiable savings in both time and money, improving overall profits.

Of course, everything we offer complies with the Union Customs Code in the sense of customs 4.0.


  • Authorized

Type of Partner:

  • Solutions


  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland


  • 航空・防衛産業
  • 資産集約型産業
  • 自動車産業
  • 建設&エンジニアリング工事請負業
  • エネルギー・公益・発電産業
  • ハイテク産業
  • 産業用機械・機器製造業
  • 石油&天然ガス産業
  • プロセス生産
  • 小売・卸売業


  • ERP(企業資源の最適化計画)