Core Systems Services and Solutions

Core Systems Services and Solutions was established 15 years ago with the desire to provide customers with the best services; from systems management to cloud environments, to backup and data recovery integrated with IT services.

The philosophy we focus on is to give clients what they need to find the fastest and most effective solutions to their business. We offer platforms designed for virtual and physical environments compatible with centralized management standards and storage solutions based on the most advanced file system in the world. The management and provision of storage is based on policies, regardless of the hardware.

Core Systems always works with infrastructures adapted to the new cloud service models: the networks defined by SDN software are an opportunity but also a challenge in security.

At Core Systems, we always provide management solutions that transform office automation into IT services together with centralized management with local and / or remote PC execution and centralized services that standardize and improve security.

Currently, IT services represent a substantial part of business processes. We manage the complete cycle of IT life; this involves the definition and development of all the phases involved in the service: Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continuous Improvement. At Core Systems we also take responsibility for infrastructure, providing experience and knowledge in the management of IT environments of large companies and adapting it to specific needs.

Data Center Services: Servers, Storage, Networking, Security

Cloud Services


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