IFS Project Delivery™ meets all the requirements of project-oriented manufacturing and helps you coordinate design, delivery, and support through the entire lifecycle of a product. In addition, IFS Project Delivery promotes cost efficient execution of project activities, for example through design reuse, a useful feature for enterprises whose products are assembled from a mix of uniquely engineered parts and off-the-shelf items. IFS Project Delivery provides full integration of project-specific product structures to give a bird’s-eye view of the entire project.

This comprehensive view, combined with the availability of detailed technical product data, makes IFS Project Delivery the right tool to help you meet complex customer and company requirements. Each phase of a product’s lifecycle from design to manufacturing and project maintenance is visible. Moreover, all project-specific material transactions and product-related project activities can be tracked, and their costs can be rolled into the project costs along with other reported costs. You have full transparency between in-house and outsourced procurement. Order status and progress data are also available for all activities and can be rolled up at any subproject or project level. For example, the planned material cost for a product can be viewed in a project summary cost roll-up.

For more information, view our Executive Summary on Project Delivery.

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