IFS cash flow management software

At IFS, we understand how important is for your business to plan its cash activities. Our Cash Planning solution supports organizations’ short, medium, and long-term financial planning needs, including project-oriented, contract-based, parallel cash plans and scenario planning supported by reporting and analytics. This helps you prepare and reduce potential risks.

This allows more accurate forecasting and wider business visibility to enable your business to make informed financial decisions. With organizations expanding their operations and trading in global markets, cash planning and forecasting is essential in most business operations and the main responsibility normally lies within the finance and treasury departments.

In this factsheet you’ll discover how Cash Planning in IFS Cloud enables your business to plan and forecast cash activities accurately to meet the required needs ahead of time.
 Bezpłatna licencja IFS assyst na rok

Bezpłatna licencja IFS assyst na rok

Skorzystaj z możliwości skutecznego zarządzania usługami informatycznymi i usługami korporacyjnymi, które pomogą Ci przyspieszyć cyfryzację procesów oraz usprawnić przepływy pracy w całej organizacji. Prosto, na wyciągnięcie ręki i teraz za darmo przez cały rok.

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