Redefine productivity.
Supercharge your team.
Outperform the competition. weaves through all IFS capabilities democratizing how and when you use Artificial Intelligence in your business

How can help? combines simulation, optimization and anomaly detection to drive the efficiency of your people, assets, and workflows. for organizational wide impact

Break down traditional operational and data silos and drive automation and optimization using all data incl. business, IoT, performance and 3rd party for continuous real time optimization

Fuel companywide efficiencies and productivity across your processes, assets, and people. Leverage the interactive UX and co-pilots to transform your team's effectiveness and productivity

Re-imagine workflow automation works dynamically with ALL IFS’s capabilities. Autonomously pulling data and AI together to enable every user to leverage the right insights at the right time ensuring continuous improvements supercharging IFS Cloud for your Industry!

Aerospace & Defence accelerates automation of critical asset processes from failure and repair through to supply chain and mission planning and optimization

Construction & Engineering

Achieve consistent and predictable project costs, drive profitability with better control of outcomes, minimize risk and improve overall site safety

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Predict the health and resilience of your assets in line with future energy load and trends and accurately forecast the cost efficiency of your workforce


Monitor and effect the performance and reliability of your supply chain with dynamic production scheduling and autonomous optimization


Leverage the AI knowledge base to predict, plan and optimize assets and mobile workforce performance and requirements real time


Using internal and external data create insights to anticipate trends and respond to requirements and meet ESG targets and SLAs consistently

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