Foundation1 - Installation and Configuration of IFS Applications


This is one of the courses towards gaining the IFS Certified Associate accreditation for Technicians. It enables students to cover and prepare for all of the examination specification topics for the “Installation and Configuration of IFS Applications™”.

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Those who need to be able to install and configure IFS Applications.
  1. Introduce IFS Applications architecture
  2. Build IFS Applications from the sources
  3. Install/configure IFS Applications
  4. Upgrade and patch IFS Applications
  5. Set up a development environment to develop and customize IFS Applications
  6. Install and configure a code repository to host new or modified code
  7. Set up technical documentation
  8. Introduce the Partner Network
  9. Set up a production environment
  10. Obtain a license key for the installation
At the end of this course, the students will have gained insight into the essential processes and tools needed to install and configure IFS Applications and how to setup development environments of IFS Applications.

Knowledge: One must be familiar with ERP software in general and the look & feel of IFS Applications. In addition, one must have a good understanding of Oracle Database and JEE Architecture. Knowledge of multi-tier software architectures will be advantageous.

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4 Days