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Beijer Electronics streamlines IoT

Beijer Electronics manufactures and delivers human machine interface terminals and automation software. With help from IFS enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Beijer has adopted an Industry 4.0 approach, using IFS IoT Business Connector to integrate data from connected devices in the field with their enterprise system of record to deliver advanced service and support to customers. From core ERP functionality to data from IoT to customer relationship management, the company now has a single platform to facilitate the customer and service lifecycle. Beijer has gained:

  • Automated service workflows
  • Real-time analytics through IFS Lobby
  • Faster customer service
  • A fundamentally new business model, delivering services and data analysis to its customers

Beijer Electronics achieves supply chain excellence with IFS Applications


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"If I compare the costs for maintenance and consulting we had before, it has now been reduced by half."

Joakim Stolt

Beijer Electronics

About Beijer Electronics

Beijer Electronics is a fast-growing technology company with extensive experience of industrial automation and data communication. The company develops and markets competitive products and solutions that focus on the user. Since its start-up in 1981, Beijer Electronics has evolved into a multinational group present in 19 countries with sales and also turnover of 1.4 MSEK in 2018.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Improved communication between entities.
  • Business potential growth.
  • Data-driven services.
  • Predictive maintenance enhancement.

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Mats Sjöberg, Head of Business Development at Beijer Electronics, explains "The main gain for us has been the way we transformed our customer oer and scaled our business through IoT. We started out looking at various ways to analyse the information that was generated in our production plants to see if we could draw any conclusions from the data that came out. We initially wanted to improve the predictive maintenance on our machine eet but gradually we added multiple information sources to the analysis, including cloud solutions."

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