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It's the biggest product launch in our company's history. IFS Cloud enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in a single solution.

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IFS Cloud is a single platform that seamlessly brings together the world-leading industry capabilities and products that IFS offers customers.



Digital innovation such as IoT, Digital Twins, Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality, is ready to use from the outset, in real business scenarios.



Deploy the solutions you need when you need them. Built for the Cloud but not limited to deployment in the cloud, choose the residency option that’s right for your business.

Get ready for IFS Cloud 21R2

IFS Cloud is on a twice yearly release cycle which makes it easier for you. See how the latest innovation in the second release of IFS Cloud, 21R2, will benefit your business. Join us here on October 20, 2021.

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In the meantime, catch up on the IFS Cloud launch content.

IFS Cloud Event Keynote

IFS Cloud in Action

How will IFS Cloud transform your sector? Listen to one of eight industry-specific breakout sessions led by IFS industry specialists. Choose from Construction, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Defense, Commercial Aviation, Energy & Utilities, Service Industries and Service Management.

Product Functionality

From Financials and Human Capital Management, to powerful Manufacturing and Service solutions, IFS Cloud offers world-leading capabilities with a single user experience. Functionality looks and works in the same way across all solutions, and data is shared seamlessly so the information you use for planning and decision-making is always reliable and up to date. This video series gives an introduction to the solution functionality.


What puts IFS Cloud customers ahead? Listen to thought leaders, partners, customers and experts sharing industry-wide trends and insights. MindFuel breakout sessions cover Construction, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Energy & Utilities and Service Management.

Realizing the Value

What will IFS Cloud mean for you? Realize the value of IFS Cloud for IFS Applications; and realize the value of IFS Cloud for Field Service Management. Whether you’re thinking about joining the growing customer base, or considering upgrading, these sessions illustrate the practical next steps.


Sit back, relax and discover the philosophy behind IFS Cloud. This video series explores the thinking and design principles that have defined how users experience IFS Cloud today.


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