Will challengers use AI to overtake leaders, or will leaders fend them off?

IFS offers solutions to help challengers become leaders. But leaders, too, can use disruptive technology to change and evolve, flanking themselves before challengers can do it for them.

Trying to unseat a leader is hard for any company. This study looks at the state of challengers and their plans to use artificial intelligence and other technology to gain market share, and how leaders are preparing to defend themselves. 

  • Some countries seemed to be more fertile ground for Challengers than others
  • Market Leaders in many cases embrace the Challenger mindset, and are likely to flank themselves with new AI-driven products and services
  • Companies involved in certain business models were more likely to classify themselves as Challengers
  • Challengers are 10 percent more likely to purchase their enterprise software through software-as-a-service

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