With a passion for turning data into commercial insights, IFS CFO Constance Minc makes sure the company’s financial and administrative functions are harmonized and creating value for all parts of the business. Through transparency and operational effectiveness, this includes empowering employees with the necessary resources as well as an understanding of how their goals contribute to the success of the company as a whole.

Before being appointed CFO, Constance worked as IFS Global Head of Business Operations with a focus on increasing sales effectiveness, strengthening foundations for rapid growth, and development of mechanisms for predicting, processing, and evaluating sales data.

Before joining IFS, Constance worked 18 months at SAP as Global Chief of Staff to the President of Cloud ERP. Prior to SAP, Constance spent over 15 years in investment banking at companies such as Barclays Capital, Macquarie Capital Advisers, and Lehman Brothers, where she developed specific expertise in finance, corporate and business development and overall project management.

Constance has an MBA degree from INSEAD where she met her husband and with whom she has two little boys.