Key Strategies for Businesses to Achieve ESG Goals


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are shaping the way energy companies envision their future strategy. The global warming crisis and societal pressure is forcing organizations to completely re-imagine their revenue streams and business activities to remain relevant and survive.

A recent IDC FutureScape report predicts that "by 2024, 80% of electric, gas and water companies will have implemented sustainable business models by accelerating DX and rearchitecting the core business."

We believe three strategic themes: Re-invention, Resilience and Relevance have emerged that can help Energy companies achieve their ESG goals.

In this White Paper, we explore these themes further and highlight:

  • Paths to solving sustainability challenges in the energy sector
  • Strategies that can enable energy companies to achieve ESG goals
  • Ways in which IFS Cloud solution aligns with these strategies