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Amphenol Fuyang Streamlines Supply Chain with ERP

A global leader in manufacturing communication equipment, Amphenol Fuyang increased productivity and streamlined its supply chain while reducing overhead costs by implementing IFS Applications as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The company is now more efficient, getting its products to market faster, reducing inventory levels, and streamlining communications and standardized processes with fewer resources. Furthermore, IFS was able to meet its stringent requirements for functional depth to deliver superior functionality across the business. improved our inventory turnover by 30 percent, and shortened our lead time from when the client first books its order to delivery in one week (at most), whereas prior to IFS Applications, it used to take us one month. Completion rate on all orders has increased from a previous 40 percent to 90 percent.

"IFS Applications is a scalable enterprise application system that has enhanced our business value, improved productivity, and reduced overhead costs."

Ampenol Fuyang
Operation Manager, Changzhou Amphenol Fuyang Communication Equipment Co., Ltd